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DIY irrigation system for fun

This post is about my irrigation system built last spring. I thought I can create a smarter sprinkler computer than the stock ones. The design constraints were roughly these: ~250 m2 of lawn as subject for sprinkler irrigation ~100 bushes as subject for drip irrigation Fortunately the site is horizontal, but Unfortunately is divided into […]

Reverse engineering my Fiber-To-The_Home device.

This time I wrote a blogpost on Check it out here.

Debugging and contributing on Alpine Linux

In one of my previous posts I explained my renewed router / home server. One task of the box is to serve video/audio content on DLNA. One of the easy selection in this area is minidlna to do the streaming. So I grabbed the first working minidlna docker container, which in practice Alpine Linux based […]

linux based router reloaded

Hi, It’s been a long time since I set up my mini-itx based router/download machine. It got a few unavoidable HW upgrade (power supply, new HDD) but the performance of that is remained. From SW point of view however, it has a lot more load and responsibility. The HD age with the smart TVs are […]

C++ library for my LED cube

In the last two years I was mainly interrested in exploring C++. One result of my learning is the subject of this post. I started to reimplement the snake game using C++11 for the LED cube. Later I divided the code into two sections. The general part became a base library for creating games or […]

My Linux based router

Some idea in the “how to build a home server with cheap and low power consuming hardware” topic 🙂