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Automatic hot water circulator

After moving to a new place, I’ve found new challenges to solve here and there. One such unresolved thing was the hot water circulation control. In this post I present one possible solution which is according to the user’s behavior. The problem This is a tiny project to control a water pump. In a typical […]

C++ on AVR

Hi all, [disclaimer] Comparing to others here, this post assume you are familiar with the C++ language on a basic level. I would like to share my thoughts about the topic in the subject: using C++ programming language for AVRs. Nowadays I am dealing with C++ during my daily work (on x86) and I was […]

Project: Grass Head [time lapse video]

Story Last week we started to foster a grasshead. After the first day I remembered a cool project which can remotely trigger any DSLR camera which have IR or wired remote shutter option. I have a Pentax K200D which is a regular camera with such a 2.5mm jack based shutter trigger. This DIY trigger is […]

[UPDATED] Mastech MAS-345 digital multimeter Windows GUI

Hello, I had some time to improve my software for my MASTECH MAS-345 multimeter. Now it has a lot of features, such as: save/load to an own binary format export to excel own binary format (reloadable) graph (had to change the platform to .NET 4.0) comment and color all measurement check for update (notifies when […]

Exploring Nokia 3310 LCD

Hi, This project is a general purpose library implementation for the famous Nokia 3310 LCD (PCD8544). Almost everybody has old phones like 3310 at home. If not, you can buy it for a few dollars, which is pretty cheap I think for at least for a graphic LCD. The display can be controlled easily on […]

3D snake game for the LEDcube

Hi! I’ve just finished the next application for my FadeCube, a 3D snake game! It is a very small pure C application, developed under Linux with CodeBlocks IDE. It uses a multithreaded solution. Actually it is my first try to use POSIX threads. The first thread is listening for the keyboard. Another one is computing […]

Six channel audio selector with remote control

Hi again! Today I’m going to show You an audio selector, which I made for my friend and which has an extra feature: it can be controlled with a regular IR remote controller (which you probably have at home :)). I could say it is a general remote control reciever library with a demo application: […]

10x10x10 ledcube

This post is about how I designed and made my 10x10x10 ledcube hardware and software from the beginning. I spent almost all of my freetime during months on this, that was a huge work, and still not finished.

IR remote switch

This is a post about to building an AVR based infra red remote controller reciever to switch some electronic devices trough 230V plug sockets or trough 5V supply.

Mood lamp

Description about my AVR and regular RGB LED powered mood lamp