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Exploring Nokia 3310 LCD

Hi, This project is a general purpose library implementation for the famous Nokia 3310 LCD (PCD8544). Almost everybody has old phones like 3310 at home. If not, you can buy it for a few dollars, which is pretty cheap I think for at least for a graphic LCD. The display can be controlled easily on […]

Six channel audio selector with remote control

Hi again! Today I’m going to show You an audio selector, which I made for my friend and which has an extra feature: it can be controlled with a regular IR remote controller (which you probably have at home :)). I could say it is a general remote control reciever library with a demo application: […]

IR remote switch

This is a post about to building an AVR based infra red remote controller reciever to switch some electronic devices trough 230V plug sockets or trough 5V supply.

Mood lamp

Description about my AVR and regular RGB LED powered mood lamp

Digital clock

A summary about how to build a fully functional seven segment LED clock from a reused old display

Bicolor led matrix with atmega8

A basic concept about how to control a bicolor 8×8 led matrix with AVR