Posts Mastech MAS-345 digital multimeter Windows GUI

Mastech MAS-345 digital multimeter Windows GUI


Now I finally swapped out my old multimeter, because I got a Mastech MAS-345. The device itself is very cool, with lot of extra features (backlight, capacity and temperature measurement, autorange, etc.), including a PC interface (RS232). However the multimeter is cool, the software is not. The first thing is, the included CD stores an extremely old software for it, it can not run on x64 Windows. I found one home-made GUI for it, with the same result. But the best is the broken download link on the manufacturers homepage :-) . So I couldn’t find any native solution for windows, than I  started my own.

The code is my first one, which is published on github. Here is a screenshot of the current version:

my MAS-345 GUI

Here you can download the current binary version.

Happy measure! ;-)


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