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DIY irrigation system for fun

This post is about my irrigation system built last spring. I thought I can create a smarter sprinkler computer than the stock ones. The design constraints were roughly these: ~250 m2 of lawn as subject for sprinkler irrigation ~100 bushes as subject for drip irrigation Fortunately the site is horizontal, but Unfortunately is divided into […]

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Mastech MAS-345 digital multimeter Windows GUI

Hi! Now I finally swapped out my old multimeter, because I got a Mastech MAS-345. The device itself is very cool, with lot of extra features (backlight, capacity and temperature measurement, autorange, etc.), including a PC interface (RS232). However the multimeter is cool, the software is not. The first thing is, the included CD stores […]

Genius SP-HF 2000X Speakers – Eliminate power supply hum

Let me tell you a story about my Genius 2000X Speakers. I am very satisfied with the tone of these speakers. Only one thing which disturbing is a soft hum. I use it with a laptop and when I go to bed the computer is delayed to shutdown but the speakers are on all night. […]