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Automatic hot water circulator

After moving to a new place, I’ve found new challenges to solve here and there. One such unresolved thing was the hot water circulation control. In this post I present one possible solution which is according to the user’s behavior. The problem This is a tiny project to control a water pump. In a typical […]

C++ on AVR

Hi all, [disclaimer] Comparing to others here, this post assume you are familiar with the C++ language on a basic level. I would like to share my thoughts about the topic in the subject: using C++ programming language for AVRs. Nowadays I am dealing with C++ during my daily work (on x86) and I was […]

C++ library for my LED cube

In the last two years I was mainly interrested in exploring C++. One result of my learning is the subject of this post. I started to reimplement the snake game using C++11 for the LED cube. Later I divided the code into two sections. The general part became a base library for creating games or […]